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My Latest Project:

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Hey everyone, long time no update (as I’m sure you’re well aware). The members of the SeoulGrid team have moved on to other projects that have been keeping us all busy, unfortunately leaving us with no time to update dear old

I figured I’d drop in to let everyone know what I’ve been working on, in case any of our readers find it useful. You can check it out at – it’s a Korean Job Board, similar to Dave’s ESL Cafe or Work’N'Play, but with a more modern design that is (hopefully) easier to use and navigate. It has a search functionality that allows you to specify location, salary, hours, student age (for teaching jobs), etc., and browse only the jobs that meet your criteria. Important job details are summarized at the top of each job post, so you can save time from not having to skim-read the entire post.

I wanted to build a job site that caters to the needs of job seekers, so if you have any feedback or ideas on how I could make the website better, I’d love to hear about it. I’m constantly improving the website, so there’s a good chance your feedback will make it into a future update. What annoys you about current job websites? What features would make your job-search easier? I really want to work closely with the users on this project to build the job website that job-seekers in Korea really want, so shoot me a message on the contact page of the site if you have any input.

I’m not sure how many of SeoulGrid’s readers live or want to live in Korea and how many are just visiting, but if you’re looking for a job in Korea, give Korea Job Finder a spin and let me know what you think. If you find the website useful, help us out by linking to it on your blog, facebook, or twitter! I’d really appreciate it.

As for SeoulGrid, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The website still gets a surprising amount of traffic from search engines and other websites, and we still occasionally get feedback from people who found the website useful. We’ll keep it running as an archive of useful content (at the time of this writing, 260 posts worth), and maybe one day when one of us has more free time, SeoulGrid will be brought back from cryosleep. (Sorry — I’ve been reading a lot of sci-fi recently).

That’s all from me for now. Take care and happy job hunting!

Chinese? Holy Chow vs. Mao

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It’s a fact…

..there are three types of Chinese food – authentic (go to China(town)), Koreanized (check your stack of local carry-out flyers), and Americanized (HOLY CHOW).  Now if only there was a restaurant that offered all three.  I didn’t mean to get your hopes up, but if you do come across one, please…share.

Until then

A friend of mine recently recommended MAO in Itaewon, and if you’re in the mood for Peking Duck, this is the spot.

Chinese Peking Duck Itaewon


The duck is grilled nice.  Crisy on the outside, juicy below the skin.  The small order is fine for two, but not filling.  And at a price of 35,000won, it’s not wallet-friendly either.  Besides their famous Peking Duck, you can expect Korean-style Chinese food.

But for some of us foreigners and expats, when it comes to Chinese food, we imagine General Tsao’s / Kung Pao Chicken, Mongolian Beef, etc. just like we had back home.  You can find some great places in Itaewon and Gangnam, but after all the hype about Holy Chow, I gave it a shot. And I wasn’t disappointed.


When in doubt, at Chow’s, check out their Set Menu.

Both of these franchises have locations in Itaewon and Chungdam so definitely visit.

Grilling Clams at 갯벌의진주 – Nonhyeon

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I’m sure by now you’ve grilled everything from meat to seafoods, but make sure you add clams to that list.  Here’s another typical style of Korean BBQing and you can check it out at Nonhyeon, a hotspot for this type of cuisine.

Visit 갯벌의진주.  You can expect lines during peak dining hours and weekends, but dont worry, there are two locations about a 100 meters apart from each other on the same street.

[Sept 16 /17] Weekend Event/Party picks by Seoulgrid

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Friday, Sept 16

Club Volume, Itaewon
Deadmau5′s “Mau5trap” label : MOGUAI LYVE FROM 

Club Holic, Sinsa
Project 007 : Temperature Bomb Lucid Party 

Mansion, Hongdae
Noise Of Life by BornNoir 


Saturday, Sept 17

Club Answer, Chungdam
Krome presents Partymonster Launch Party with Lindsay Luv 

Club Roccoco, Itaewon

Club Holic, Sinsa
Gataka Live in Seoul

Ellui, Hotel Ellui
One with Aldrin

Club 88, Sinsa
Cinderella Mix Vol.02

Club Mass, Gangnam
Housegraphy presents KINGMCK

Lord Sandwich: How A Sandwich Should Be

Posted by Mike Porto On July - 19 - 20117 COMMENTS

This is a Guest Article from Jisu of Lonely Traveler

Lord Sandwich Front

I have no idea why Lord Sandwich isn’t the most popular restaurant in all of the Ewha University (or ‘Edae’) area by a landslide victory. As of now, it’s a favored lunch date spot for professors, older female students or business meetings that have run over late, but I sincerely suggest that anyone with a deep appreciation for good food come try it out.

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Friday, July 8

Club Ellui, Chungdam
DJ Angeline @ Ellui

112 Lounge, Itaewon
Multi’s ‘No Gimmicks’ party

Club 52, Itaewon

Saturday, July 9

Mansion – Hongdae
Krome Entertainment ‘Summer Kick-off” party with DJ SCHEDULE1

Ellui – Chungdam
Fred Siera @ Ellui

Banyan Tree Club & Spa
Solis at Banyan Tree Aqua Bar

Club 52, Itaewon

Makino Chaya

Makino Chaya

There are sushi lovers, and then there are sushi buffet lovers. Hidden away between Gangnam Station and Yeoksam Station is Makino Chaya, a decently-priced seafood buffet offering a wide array of fresh and cooked seafood and non-seafood items.

I was pleasantly surprised by the restaurants decor and setup.  Once we were escorted to our seats, it was game on.  In terms of food items, I’d have to say Makino Chaya wasn’t that far off from places like Todai, which most of us have frequented once or twice.  But for a slightly more expensive buffet, I was hoping to see something different. One thing I did notice that was different from other Seafood buffets was the large selection of traditional Korean food items.  In fact they had a whole section dedicated to just that. Was I thrilled? Well, let’s just say they had three different kinds of Makeoli.  Something you don’t normally see included in the buffet price — alcohol.

Makino Chaya Sushi

But if you do want wine, beer or sake, expect to pay a little more than what you would normally. 5,500won gets you 330ml (a small glass) of Asahi beer on tap.

I didn’t see any crab legs on the menu.  I’m not sure if Makino Chaya offers them or if they hide them away like they do at Todai. Regardless, I was expecting to eat crab, but went home disappointed.

Getting a table on a Sunday afternoon wasn’t difficult. We didn’t need a reservation but I suggest you get there earlier in the evening and reserve plenty of time to get your “rounds” in since the kitchen will stop preparing food at around 7:45pm.

There are two Makino Chaya branches, but I suggest the one near Gangnam Station for you train commuters.  From there, Makino Chaya is about 150m once you get out of Gangnam Station Exit 1. You have to turn into a smaller street off of Teheran Blvd but once you do, the restaurant is easy to spot.  Makino Chaya also, conveniently offers valet service for those of you who prefer to drive.

Krome at Club Answer

Club Answer, Chungdam

Krome Entertainment is hosting their “How to ‘Party in the Rain’ for Dummies.” This is Seoulgrid’s pick as the Party of the Week. Krome has be known to throw monthly events at Club Answer providing a good mix of music and DJs and great themed content. We don’t know what Krome has in store for us this Saturday but they’re turning Seoul’s rainy season blues into a lesson in partying.

Mention Seoulgrid at the door for no cover entry before 11:30pm!

Club 52 Grand Opening

Friday, July 1

Club 52, Itaewon – Grand Opening. 
The old Function in Itaewon is under new management and the club/lounge has been totally remodeled and rebranded as Club 52.  Special Guest Timmy Regisford.

Club Mansion, Hongdae
Le Salon de Madame “De Parting” party at Mansion Hongdae

Saturday July 2

Club Answer, Chungdam
Krome Entertainment is hosting their “How to ‘Party in the Rain’ for Dummies.”

Club Volume, Itaewon
Crush Entertainment is hosting their party, “Blackout Vol 1: Moulin Rouge – Girls in Corsets.”

Club Ellui
Sante Live in Seoul at Ellui

Club Eve, Sinsa
Watz Up Korea is hosting their party “Tomo Temps at Club Eve”

Danny Cho and Friends

Korean-American comedian Danny Cho will be giving his final show of his Korea tour.  Most of us know Danny through his renowned Youtube Series: K-town Cowboys which is now being turned into a movie.  We’ve personally had the pleasure of seeing Danny Cho live in his first show in Seoul and believe us when we say, “He’s a stand-up guy – literally!”  We highly recommend you see Danny live at Platoon.

Location: Platoon, Apgujeong
Tickets: 15,000 krw at the door.
Doors Open at 8:00 p.m.

For more information, text/call Ron 010-3853-8859

Danny Cho has been on MAD-TV, Parks and Recreation, and many other television appearances, Danny is a professional comedian touring Korea for the first time. He has shared the stage with Dave Chapelle, Tim Allen, Dane Cook, Bobby Lee and many other notable comedians throughout his career. He is a regular at the Comedy and Laugh Factory in L.A.

Big Phony, Manifest and JL will be opening for Danny Cho.

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