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[Obituary] Club Naked: R.I.P (For Now?)

Posted by James On April - 8 - 2010

Club Naked SeoulYou can’t really say you’ve experienced Korean club culture unless you’ve been to Club Naked. Unfortunately for those that haven’t, you may have permanently missed out on a piece of Seoul clubbing history.

It was only about a year ago that I stumbled upon Seoul’s afterclub scene while it was still in its infancy. These venues didn’t get crowded until after 3am, and it wasn’t uncommon to leave a still-packed afterclub to find the sun already high in the sky. At the time, they gathered only a small crowd, and I remember thinking it felt like everyone there knew each other, like it was a tightly knit family. The old Club Naked was among the first of these afterclubs.

When Naked moved its location to its current resting place near Hak-Dong Station, the afterclub scene exploded. No longer were clubbers content to end the night around 4am — when the megaclubs started to empty out, hordes of people would then flock to Club Naked to party well into the morning. Standing outside the front doors at 6 or 7am was a sight to behold — you’d find the most diehard of clubbers wandering out, shielding their eyes from the bright sun and loitering around, not quite ready to go home and not really sure what to do with themselves.

However, such a sight is no more, for as of April 2nd, 2010, Club Naked has officially closed its doors.

Club Naked Closed

I know it was not uncommon for Club Naked to be raided by the police, served a violation, and shut down for the night — but this time it’s permanent. Apparently they didn’t have the proper licenses to be operating a club in the first place. Though this is something that is typically overlooked, as most clubs in Hongdae also lack the proper licenses as well, Club Naked was not granted the same leeway. Perhaps being located in a residential neighborhood, the police grew tired of nagging phone calls from Sunday churchgoers who were appalled by the scantily-dressed clubber wandering through their neighborhood early in the morning. But whatever the reason may be, as for right now, Club Naked is no more.

The notice promises they will be back as soon as possible. Whether that means they will re-open their doors or if they’re looking for a new location, it isn’t clear. But what I do know is that with this announcement brings an end to an integral chapter of Seoul’s club history.

Club Naked, you will be missed.

  • highlandpark81

    I saw this coming. There were so many drug busts in Naked, it was a matter of time somebody shut this place down. R.I.P. naked.

  • Trish

    Seriously? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww where do i go at 5 in the morning now??? miro? are you guys gonna write about miro too? thats like the only other option right?

  • 4nonymous

    Whatever happened to the afterclub that was below Andre Kim building at Sinsa? Was it called Lounge 2? Is it still there?

  • James

    @Trish — The second floor of Heaven is probably your best bet now. After 4:30 it becomes an afterclub, and it’s really the only decent-sized afterclub at the moment. Miro is actually an after-afterclub. I’m not really a fan of it, but I’ll write about it eventually.

    @4nonymous — That was actually originally the old Club Naked, then the management split and they changed the name to Lounge 3. I don’t think it’s there anymore, but I’ll verify that and report back otherwise.

  • Chris

    I had only been once or twice, never really thought it was fun though…

  • sojuholic

    naked is closed??!?!?!?!

  • tim

    the music at naked wasnt for me for me beats were too fast, couldnt really dance to. but now that it’s gone i’ll miss it =(

  • John

    At 4:00 last night we had nothing to do after funkagenda, so we just went home. Haha I never liked Naked in the first place, but the late-night pre-dawn now almost feels… naked without it ;)

  • GK

    isn’t Chicago still open as an afterhours club? they must be overjoyed at Naked closing. heh

  • Richard

    I heard that Chicago closed down too, a while ago. Heard stories about them selling Santero (Italian Spumante… sparkling white wine) for 400,000 Won. It costs 20,000 Won or less in wholesale price.

  • brian™


    Actually the reason was not because the Police got tired of phone calls, it was because they upped the fine to an astronomically insane number…like 100Mil KRW per month. Of course doing that was pretty much their way of saying GTFO.

    Naked WILL open in a new place and new location. They were planning on doing this already a while back and have already scoped out several potential locations.

  • JJ

    does anyone know if this club is back up?

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