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The Flying Pan Cafe Blue @ Itaewon – Like Grandma’s, but Better

Posted by Guest Author On September - 6 - 2010

Guest Author: Lindsey Gorfine
Flying Pan Brunch

Located in the heart of Itaewon, this breakfast bistro offers the atmosphere and food to amply help anyone pass the day. The flying pan has a lively menu that seeks to reinvent ‘Momma’s’ old brunch favorites, and brunch is served all day from 10:30am to 11pm.

The menu offers sandwiches, salads, and traditional breakfast foods like French toast, pancakes, and homemade dessert. Each item is chalk full of creativity: orange blossom French toast (15,000 KRW), fig pancakes (15,000 KRW), smoked salmon eggs Benedict (16,000 KRW), and pancake lover’s salad (15,000 KRW) are a few examples of the chef’s artistry revealed.

Flying Pan Brunch 2

On both of the occasions that I have visited The Flying Pan Blue, I left hours later thoroughly impressed with the food I had just consumed. The portion size is large. When we went, we ordered 2 main dishes, but one dish would be enough for two if you were looking for a light meal. The smoked salmon eggs Benedict and ham and brie cheese French toast are personal favorites, but whatever you do choose, all the ingredients are fresh and unique. And, I promise you won’t be left feeling like you could have made it yourself.

Flying Pan Front

The extensive beverage list is also impressive. Their Canadian maple latte, made with real Canadian maple syrup (7,000 KRW), their grapefruit squash and honey drink (6,000 KRW), or one of the many freshly squeezed juices (7,000 KRW) are all worth trying. If you are in the mood to celebrate, the Flying Pan Blue also serves champagne and wine.

Flying Pan Case

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They can speak English, and the menu is written in English and Korean. The amiable owner, who can greet guests in Korean, Spanish, or English, is usually hanging around and seeks to make every guest feel welcome.

The Flying Pan Seating

The quaint décor transports patrons back to the American countryside or into Grandma’s kitchen. Charming details such as mismatched chairs and picture frames, light bulbs with wings, and old fashioned chandeliers, help to create this ambiance of home. The Flying Pan Blue chose hues of subtle blues, pinks, and creams to wash the walls.

The Flying Pan Blue also has a sister location called The Flying Pan White, located in Sinsa off of Garosugil. It serves nearly the same menu and the atmosphere is similar, only everything is white! So, whether you are in need of good chat with a friend or just craving a hearty breakfast, head to The Flying Pan Blue (or White) for the afternoon.

The Good

  • Unique menu
  • Friendly, English speaking staff
  • Quaint atmosphere

The Bad

  • Pricey, especially beverages
  • Washroom is inconvenient and less than clean


서울시 이태원동 용산구 123-7


Take the subway to Itaewon station. Take exit 2 from the station and walk straight. At the first street (only a few meters from the exit), take a left (it’s the only way to go). You will be able to see The Flying Pan Blue up on your right hand side, just up from My Thai restaurant. If you reach the next crossroad, you have gone too far.


View The Flying Pan Blue @ Itaewon in a larger map

Editor: Mike Porto

  • Slats

    Great photos. This place looks better than Butterfinger pancakes for sure!

  • Paul Chun

    Nice map too! will check it out soon

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  • Llfreed32

    What a wonderful brunch to end my trip in South Korea while visiting our daughter. Will definitely recommend to anyone coming to Itaewon.

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